update on cold tangerines...

i recently told y'all about a book i was reading called cold tangerines. scroll down a couple of posts and you can see the cover of it.

this book might be one of my favorite books ever. largely impart to the way the author writes. she writes like she is just talking to you. obviously i am a big fan of that because i tend to do it myself. my brain doesn't form eloquent sentences at the strike of a key, and i don't take the time to really think about what i'm about to write. no worries though...her writing is MUCH better than mine!

i finished the book over the holidays and decided that i wanted to get one for all my friends to read. then i remembered that i'm 27 and poor. i thought that i could mail it to one friend and then have them send it on to the next friend. but that just automatically means that i am never going to see my book again. it is so good that i can't actually part with it. plus i underlined my favorite lines and starred passages that i want to remember. i'm holding on to my book.


all this to say....go buy the book. it is $12.40.

i'll even give you the direct link for it at amazon. i tried finding it locally and couldn't, so you're going to have to order it somewhere.

after you read it....come back and tell me what you think.

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