the past 6 months...

here is a recap of our past 6 months with our sweet boy...

at his 6 month check up he was:
weight: 19lbs. 
length: 26.5in.

his first word: hey...he says it to everyone
his favorite food: bananas
his favorite toy:  still his lion over his changing table & the "friends" above his crib...his mobile
when he started sleeping through the night: 1 month old and since then sleeps 10-14 a night
states he's visited: tennessee, louisiana & alabama
things he loves:  laughing at his daddy, food, laughing when being tickled, sucking on both fists...at the same time, listening to music, putting his toes in his mouth, kick-kick time, chika on sprout, bedtime, being outside, looking at trees when we go anywhere & being spoiled by his grandparents, aunts, uncles & cousins

here are some more recent pictures

this is what happens when your half birthday falls on cinco de mayo!

look at those eyes

already in with the celebrities

we were at my brother's car race & put headphones on to cancel out the sound of the cars...he wasn't sure what was going on

listening to his uncle michael's band

st. patrick's day parade with daddy

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