my how things change

so my last post was exactly 4 months ago & wow have things changed. 

you know how sometimes you get behind in posting & you don't even know where to start....

that would be the understatement of the year here! 

about 10 days after my last post we were waiting to hear some news about my dad.  my husband had driven him down to new orleans because they thought he had a bleeding stomach ulcer.  2 years ago my brother gave him a kidney & they were worried that the bleeding would affect the kidney.  they wanted him to go to new orleans, where his transplant surgery occurred. 

we were not ready for the news the surgeon had.  they determined that it was actually a tumor that was bleeding & not an ulcer.  he was diagnosed with gastric cancer & they needed to do surgery immediately to remove the tumor & the majority of his stomach. 

when the surgeon opened him up they discovered that it was inoperable & had already spread to his liver & lymph nodes.  they sent him home with a grim prognosis.

chemo would not help him & would decrease his quality of life.  he wanted to be at home & wanted to be able to hold m.g. 

there are good things that happened in these 4 months! 

our little angel buddy was born!!! 

don't worry...i will devote many, many posts specifically to him! 

he was born on november 5th. 

the doctors told us at the end of november that my dad would probably only last a few more days. 

he was lucid until the very last day. 

he actually held m.g. on his chest and patted his back with one finger an hour before he passed away. 

my dad passed away on december 8th. 

i'm not sure if y'all are aware of this...but i am a daddy's girl through and through. 

always have been.  always will be. 

there isn't a man quite like mtg.  he never wore suits.  he watched cowboy movies daily.  he loved his grandchildren & his children.  he would do anything for those he loved.  he was the smartest man i have ever known.  he was the one who first told me about Jesus.  he had the dryest, but funniest sense of humor.  he was the best story-teller.  he always promised we would have our millionth birthday party in heaven.  he loved good food, so it always made me feel so good when he would ask me to come over to cook for him.  he was buried in his blue jeans...of course.  he LOVED m.g. the first time he saw m.g.'s sonogram he said he looked like an angel.  he constantly said he was an angel & referred to him as his buddy or his angel buddy.  he got blood transfusions to stay alive...& the day i had m.g. he had to have one.  he got it at the hospital i had m.g. so that they could wheel him up to see m.g. & get to hold him for the first time. 

i could go on and on & some days i probably will. 

God's timing is ALWAYS perfect!  it has been a whirlwind of a year of marriage. 

oh yeah....that reminds me. 

heath & i shared our 1st anniversary on dec. 19th. 

i love that man!  i will devote many posts to him as well.  he has been my rock & my best friend through all of this. 

i am thankful that God brought us back to live in jackson....so that i could be here with my dad these past few months.  i wouldn't change that for the wolrd.  i'm thankful that my dad was able to walk me down the aisle & i'm thankful that he was able to hold my first child.  i'm thankful that our first child was a boy & that we had decided long ago to name him after my dad.  i'm thankful for my family.  i'm thankful for my sweet friends who have been there for me through all of this.  i'm thankful that i was given the chance to tell my dad just how much he means to me & just how much i love him! 

things are slowly getting back to "normal"....not sure if they will ever be "normal" again...but you learn to live with the new "normal"

and i have a cute little guy who makes everything happy!!


Anna H said...

emily, what a sweet sweet tribute to your daddy. i am so sorry for your loss-he sounds like a wonderful and special man! i am so thankful that he got to meet your little one! anna

lauren said...

emg, i so loved reading that post. what special memories you'll always have of your dad. love you so much!