10 reasons i'm excited about this week...

1. my dear, sweet friend, lauren hester, finds out tomorrow if she is having a boy or a girl. so exciting.

2. i have an art show on tuesday. granted it is at st. catherine's retirement village. but a show is a show. right?

3. i am going to see baby harry on wednesday. some sweet church friends had a baby boy in january, and after seeing him this morning in church i decided i had to hang out with him longer. he is precious. mary ella is his big sister.

4. i am taking an art class with my mom on wednesdays. it is so much fun and i'm loving taking the class with my mom.

5. one of my best friends from high school, jenny, (jennifer o'neal emerson) is having her second child on thursday. she lives in hernando, so i won't be there for the birth. but still exciting.

(funny how so far the majority of my exciting things involve babies)

6. this is super exciting. two of my best friends, hallie and newman, are coming in town thursday! enough said on that one!

7. the three of us will get to hang out with helen's new baby, taylor marshall.

8. the three of us will drive to oxford for the weekend where we will get to hang out with another best friend (ashley), see more friends and see another friend get married.

9. i will get to go to church with them in oxford on sunday.

10. the end of the week just means the start of another....which means that spring is getting closer!

to sum it up.

the things that make me happy:


(not in that order)


Anonymous said...

HAHAHHAHAHA...i love that we are a huge part of what your looking forward to bc we are SO EXCITED!! ROADTRIP!!!!!! LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!

Anonymous said...


mary-kathryn said...

did you hear- Lauren's having a boy!