wedding festivities

it has begun! most of the planning is done...most. i finally put all the driving directions and hotel information on our website, so if you are planning on making the trip all the info you need is on www.theknot.com/ourwedding/emilyguthrie&heathferguson.

now that the planning is done...the festivities can begin!! my mom's friends recently hosted a wedding shower for me and i was completely blown away by the generosity and love i felt that day!

we are definitely blessed!
the shower was at vicki robinson's house, and it was absolutely beautiful!

here are the hostesses for the party

have i mentioned that i have the prettiest flower girls? this is one of them. molly and me and her babydoll.

my mom and me before the shower

on the right is jennifer lowe, my sister's best friend from childhood. her mom, mrs. lee, and her sister, kristy sanders, are on the left.

sweet mrs. fyke and me by the beautiful table! if you can't tell by the colorful flowers...they know me well!

all the girls. molly, emily annie, my sister, mom and me.

sweet hellian and mrs. moss. helen is one of my bridesmaids. i think i have the sweetest, prettiest bridesmaids.

laura husband and weezie polk! weezie...i put this on here for you!

mrs. mccay and me.

sweet kate long and me. kate married one of my good guy friends from high school.

this picture is trouble. this is how i opened presnts. the girls would pick out the next present for me to open. my sister would write it down while cannada put it back in the box. cannada and nette together are trouble. i believe during this picture cannada was asking molly how many children she wanted heath and me to have.

on the sofa are some of heath's aunts. aunt gayle, aunt jean, aunt rosie and aunt geraldine. they were so sweet to make the drive up for the shower!

cannada and me. we don't really know exactly how long we have been best friends. my dad and her mom went to law school together. it seems like she's always been in my life. she is engaged right now and getting married in march. it is so much fun going through all of this together!

this is mrs. tohill. you need to know her. she is hysterical and wonderful! obviously she got the memo that i'm not the typical bride & like fun!!

my beautiful cousin julie, her precious daughter mary evins and my beautiful aunt pam. they were so sweet to come as well with all they have going on!

on the left is lauren dent. she and i used to work together at first pres. and on the right is my old roommate, emily craft. i love these girls!!

my matron of honor....my sweet, sweet sissy.

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reed said...

ssssssooooooooooo sad that i wasnt there. i want to be at EVERYTHING for you and cannada. sucks! love the pic of you and mrs. tohill and LOVE jeanette's top. cute cute! but you look the prettiest of all!!! love love love
p.s.-thanks for updating :)