where do i start....

i owe y'all a huge apology for not updating until now, but i think y'all will forgive me when i explain why i have been occupied!

well you see.....


i have been dating a guy named heath for a little while....we knew of each other previously though. on aug.7th he asked me to marry him! he took me to a bluff off of the trace. got down on one knee and asked me. i of course said yes! i had decided a while back that i wouldn't pray with any guy until i was engaged. so we prayed together for the first time. it was the sweetest moment!

heath lives in new orleans and is going to the new orleans baptist theological seminary. he is getting his masters of divinity in counseling.

we will be getting married in jackson on december 19th!! and then i will be moving to new orleans for 2 years. how much fun is that???

for some reason i envision the new orleans, married me being a lot more artsy and really cool!

we of course will always be open to having visitors....all the time!

now that i have rediscovered my love of my blog i will post the things you have missed over the past couple of months.

until then.


for your viewing pleasure....this is at my sisters after we got engaged.


Grace B said...

I forgive you, Em. :) So excited for you!

mary-kathryn said...

woohoo! think of all the fun wedding stuff you have to blog about now!!

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU! it's about time. :) you know i love you more than anything and i'm so so excited for yall! but, i dont think there's any way you could be any more artsy or any cooler...but reed will have even more reason to go to NOLA now! cant wait to see you and yor beautiful rock in person! love love caroline hogan

JNoPie said...

What an adorable picture! I am so happy for you!

Anonymous said...

yay! for a blog update...can't wait for our lunch date!