children's book report

here is another book report for you.

i don't have kids and even if i didn't have nieces and nephews i would get this book to have in my house in case a child ever came over. i wish i could buy tons and give them to every child i see.

the book you ask....

"an awesome book"

no really. that's the title.

dallas clayton wrote this awesome book.

it's all about dreaming big. not dreams like matching silverware (that's in there), but dreams of candy cane machine and rocket-powered unicorns.

the book is so awesome that you can actually read the whole thing online for free...here.

after you read it you are going to want to purchase it.

and you can here.

it's $15.

here is the awesome site...i'm sure that Mr. Clayton will probably have many more books down the road.

or at least i hope he does.

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